Quiet, But Deadly

My mom used to get on my step-dad’s case about farting. She thought it was disgusting how loud he’d fart and my dad would just laugh it off. Interestingly enough, his tooting was never smelly. My mom on the other hand, had the infamous “silent, but deadly” passing of gas.

When she farted, she’d clear a room within seconds. Her excuse, “at least it doesn’t make noise.” And that’s what makes it better? No, it’s much worse!

I apologize for the grotesque imagery. I can’t help it, the analogy is perfect for the worst kind of toxic person, the “Quiet, but Deadly” type.

And why is that?

Naturally, I used to think that quiet people were good folks. I learned fast that just because someone keeps to themselves in public, doesn’t mean they’re good people in private.

Kept behind closed doors, they could be the worst people. Side note, did you now that introverts make up the most serial killers?

There are many smart, quiet people out there who aren’t quite the “life of the party” until they sit in a room with you ranting over the flaws of others.

Louder, more extroverted people might be more vocal in their toxic ways, but quiet people will be just as harsh or more in a room with just you or a few other people.

Do you personally know anyone who can’t help but judge other people right after seeing or talking to them in person? Are they scrolling through social media trying to find things to complain about or make fun of?

I do personally know of a few people in my life that hold a lot of things to themselves during a conversation. They have a hard time expressing themselves until they could find someone that they’re more comfortable with to rant to.

Let’s take for example, a guy named Bob. Bob is quiet, shy, and quite the introvert by any definition. He goes on a quick outing with his friends. On the outside, Bob seems to enjoy his time. He’s conversating with others, drinking a little, and even laughing a bit.

But, when Bob goes home, he immediately calls another friend of his that didn’t go on that trip to go off on a rant about another one of his friends that was actually on that trip.

“Why did Sherry even invite me?”

“O.M.G. I was so miserable. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

“I’m so tired of these people, they’re so annoying.”

Would you ever trust Bob in how he’s feeling ever again?

Probably not. Instead of transparency, we have loss of connection. We have mistrust and tip toeing around someone who seems to be fine, but on the inside, hates the world for no reason.

Don’t be fooled by quiet people. Everyone is constantly thinking, and some think out loud while others think to themselves until you truly know.

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