The day was May 12th – sometime in the early 1990s. A child was born – one of many. There was absolutely nothing in particular about this child that was amazing. No special abilities, no unique physical attributes, nothing. He was just an ordinary Southeast Asian baby.


Little did the parents, doctors, and maybe some other people around realized, however. This child was a master introvert – not by choice. In other words, he was quiet…too quiet.


What would that mean for this child than in a world that is full of extroverts and people jumping in front of buses for attention? It means he was just not ordinary. And if you’re an introvert, you’re not an ordinary person, you’re a spectacular individual.


Introverts have a superpower in spite of popular belief. I’m just here to help you realize it.




Hi, I’m Jonny Raxa, or Jon. 


For about a year now I’ve been reading books, watching videos, constantly being told, yes, you can do it!

But there’s a slight problem. I’m a short, awkward, minority Asian.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  What kind of excuse is that?

Trust me. It’s something.


So far, everyone, I’ve come across through these books, webinars, videos, whatever form of medium of social, they’re not short Asians with receding hairlines who cannot get a girlfriend for the life of them due to their inherently awkward demeanor and introverted lifestyle.


Let’s face it – Asian dudes can indeed be cool in many ways, but if you’re a little bit unlucky to have Asian genes not related to what you see on T.V. (shout out to Harry Shum Jr.) it could get difficult.


But this isn’t for just Asian guys:




Yes, you heard it here first. For a while, I considered this a huge set back in my life until I realized, that this was a great strength. It was the moment I realized that my connection with just one person made all the difference in my confidence.  


You see, there are strengths introverts have that we just need to embrace and through time and practice, we can break the fears that we have as introverts to become people of extraordinary value to the world.


I’ve decided to make things much more practical – show you and help you find ways to make it easier for those of us who have it harder. I understand the difficulty. I understand the pain, the struggle to move past your fears and break the chain of fears that hold us back from truly living life “out loud” so to speak.


Don’t let society hinder you!


You don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to get the attention of others, you just need to be present and connecting with just one person at a time. There’s a difference between quality over quantity.


Embrace the gift of introverted-ness (if that’s a word). 



How do you smile?

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