It’s Been a While | 2019 Year Reflection

Indeed it has. It’s been way too long.

When I get out of the writing habit, it goes away for a while. The desire to write keeps away like the plague until it’s resurfaced through some kind of podcast or book that says specifically, “you need to write!”

To start off my 2020, I’ll write a quick reflection of 2019. I would write reflections every year in some way shape or form, why not in a blog post that I haven’t updated in several months?

If there was one clear reflection that I have for the past year, it’s this:

not everyone is the same.

What I mean exactly is, everyone has different ideas of how things ought to be. Where one person finds something unreasonable, another finds easily acceptable. One person values it this way, another person values it that way, so on and so forth.

We’re all different people with different ideas and backgrounds. We experienced something a certain way or grew up with a particular mindset that may be completely different than someone else.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been around and more intimate with different people in 2019 that were not part of my old church group I was with years prior.

In a community setting, people are kept more accountable for their actions. In a collective, peoples’ minds will warp and shape up (oftentimes for the better) to that of the community at large.

In a community setting, you’ll be ostracised for your unreasonableness and feel it immediately if you are.

Yet, in a smaller setting, we find people who want to take matters into their own hands and allow themselves to impose their own values at their own discretion with no accountability.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I’ve experienced some unreasonable, self-centered people, much more in-depth than before.

Since this is the year of “others” for me, I’ll have to learn to tolerate, engage, and love these people to the best of my ability.

2020, the year of “others”.

One thought on “It’s Been a While | 2019 Year Reflection

  1. Its nice learning and hearing one write from his heart and experience. Last year was not so fun for me as well. It was so toxic and stressful but I made it all through, I accomplished the necessities in it and am Glade I went through that experience. Let’s live in love. Shalom


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