Too Many Words Inside My Brain

I had my first “girlfriend” in the sixth grade. Which also came with it, my first “jealous” experience. And jealousy is one heck of an emotion to experience, especially if it involves your girlfriend and best friend flirting.

They were laughing and giggling across the room not realizing I was watching. I felt a mixture of sadness, anger and confusion by what was happening and I didn’t know what to do.

Later that night, something came over me, and I decided to do something crazy, I wrote.

This time, no one was writing for me and I wasn’t doing any research.

Just pencil and paper.

Not one page, not two pages, but ten pages, front and back – all about the story of my girlfriend and I meeting, dating, and finally leading up to that devastating moment in my sixth grade classroom.

I wrote and wrote, and most importantly, I wrote it for me, and I felt good.

I felt…at peace.

Why We Need To Write

This is why we need to write.

Sometimes, we can’t fully comprehend our emotions.

Sometimes, situations cause chaosthat we need to tame.

It’s through writing that we exercise our ability to think; they’re not mutually exclusive tasks”. – Grammarly

When we write, we think about the issue as we focus on the facts.

We call out and name our emotions.

And we conjure up solutions to move forward without having to dwell on the confusion that holds us back from living a happier and peaceful life.

What We Can Write

This brings us to what we can write.

My blog is entirely for me and what I love to write about. Most of it has everything to do with how I deal with life as an introvert with a slew of insecurities I battle each day.

For you, don’t write about anything that you’re not already interested in trying to solve.

Wondering why you felt hurt by what someone said to you?

Write it out.

Can’t figure out why you’re always frustrated with your sibling?

Write it out.

Always feel negative energy towards your mother in law?

Write. It. Out!

The report was so difficult to write because it was on a subject that was completely uninteresting to me. But writing about emotional turmoil over my puppy love sixth grade girlfriend sparked fire within me because I was desperate to find an outlet of my emotions. Little did I know, that writing would be the catalyst towards my emotional growth.

Write about anything, but make it entirely for you, not for someone else.

Forget about the past reports and essays you had to write for school, think about your own life and let the words flow.

Of course, it’s not always that easy.

How to Start

There’s a book called “Bird by Bird” that captures the essence of the troubles and difficulties of writing that even professional authors and journalists get into.

That is, we can never get started.

This isn’t complicated. Here’s something simple:

1. Set a timer, ten minutes max.

2. Put on headphones, filter out the noise.

3. Write down one word.

While you do this, write about absolutely anything, and don’t look back to re-edit your words.

As bonus, my suggestion on when: any time the sun is just about to come up, or when the sun has set. Write when the city and the environment around you is quiet and your mind is at ease from all the worldly distractions.

I believe that the world could change if each one of us could learn to do two things:

write and reflect.

We’d all become better communicators, thinkers, and people of contentment.

Writing changed my life when I realized that I didn’t have to write for someone, rather, for someone I want to grow into.

I implore you all to write, reflect, and solve the chaotic issues within you that are being subconsciously fostered within your mind.

Take control of those wavering thoughts and come back to…peace.

Write to reflect.

Write about anything.

But most importantly, write for you.

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