Why I Hate Birthdays

Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word to describe my feelings towards birthdays. Though, that doesn’t keep me from having a considerable distaste towards the idea of celebrating a birthday like it’s the best day of your life.

What I hate about it is when people feel entitled and, for some reason, believe life is all about them on that ordinary day.

I don’t think there is any day where you “deserve” more than others just because that’s the day you were born. 

Being born wasn’t something that you did; it was a decision made (or accidentally made) by your parents.

You didn’t work for it. You aren’t entitled to anything. Instead, it should be a time you become considerably more grateful for what you have.

As an adult, I don’t need a birthday party to be happy and help me be grateful and reflective towards life. This mindset should happen every single day.

However, Birthdays should be a time to reflect on everything given to you on an even larger scale. Each year is passing you by, what do you have to account for, what have you done?

Though I will say, celebrating your birthday is always a good thing. There’s nothing like having the closest people in your life come together and show love. However, to feel entitled in any way on your birthday is utterly selfish and childish. 

So, if you’re crying on your birthday because things didn’t go the way you’d like, find another reason to live other than a birthday.

My suggestion, looking towards a God that has given you a life beyond death. That way, you don’t need to come to that reality that this life is all there is and bank on a single day called your birthday to be happy. 

Yes, I’m religious. 

Eat s&!t. 

Happy Birthday!

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