Disorganized Thoughts On Why I Hate My Friends Finding My Blog

I hate it when my friends dig up my blog.

A sense of dread comes over me when they talk about how they had found my blog or my podcast. Finding my media, in any form, reveals stuff about me that I wouldn’t tell about myself to those I know personally. My thoughts and ideas are generally buried deep inside of me, especially around the people I know.

What I write and put out to the world is mostly for people I have no associatation with whatsoever. I’d much rather try and connect with those people, because of the very fact that they don’t know my past.

It even says in the Bible that those who teach in their hometown aren’t taken seriously. In other words, the people who grew up with you and know your past, can’t look beyond your past. Any words of wisdom that you have are clouded because of the person you are and what others know about you.

Additionally, my opinions are often kept to myself. If I were to reveal my thoughts and opinions, I’d probably lose more friends or at the very least, get into more altercations.

There’s a saying that some things are better left unsaid. And I think that’s true. For the sake of loving others, we need to keep things to ourselves and gently show wisdom. And if they’re willing to listen, then tell them. No matter what, however, they’re going to be the only ones that will genuinely understand for themselves as time goes along.

No one could explain meaning as well as yourself, to yourself. When wisdom becomes personal to you, that’s when you truly learn its value. It’s the moment you experience it and have that epiphany, that’s when you grow. But if it’s coming out of a person’s mouth who you’ve known for years on end, then it typically won’t have as profound of an affect.

*note – I’m starting to post blogs with more grammatical errors and unclear antedotes now. I’m tired of being a perfectionist. Who even reads this blog anyways? This stuff is for me.

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