Jaded Reality

If I could pintpoint to any mistake in life, it would be the judgement I had placed on so many people. Like most folks in this world, I’m quick to judge, label, and criticize others for their actions, because my reality and how I see the world is different from otheres.

I’ve started watching this T.V. Show called Criminal Minds for the past few weeks. Surprisingly, I don’t think the mystery, action, or deep suspense is what is most interesting about the show, it’s the deep dive into the minds of criminals.

What I’ve come to learn from the show: everyone has their own worldview.

Now, this is something that I know already, but taking it a step further to that of a criminal, you can see why they do the things they do.

It makes sense. In a world where individual destruction causes a ripple effect to those around them, it would almost seem logical that these criminals exist.

Most of the criminals were heavily abused as children. Or, they witnessed one of their parents utterly betraying another parent that showed more love to them.

We can take this to a smaller scale. A neglectful parent caues a needy child to desperately find love later in life. A mentally abused child becomes an anxiety ridden adult, unable to cope with even the smallest hardships of life.

The mistakes of man aren’t always going to be isolated. We are real people with real connections, despite what American individualism would want us to believe.

I say all of this because those same judgements that we place on others could very well be our own problem in the future. We’re constantly changing in physical stature, personal growth or regression, and opinions. We are never the same person from one day to the next.

The ultimate fix for yourself is to have the key to patience. Notice that I didn’t say “understanding.” Understanding can only come with the patience of your mind. Once you calmly and collectively gather your thoughts, try your best to determine what the other person is feeling and thinking in that moment.

No one is inherently out to get you. People simply have a mindset that they believe to be right. It’s your job to read the situation void of emotion, and engage with patience that leads to understanding.

I’ll say this to end. The ones with a proper foundation of their values are the ones that grow the most in life. Next time you are about to judge someone else, remember, you could very well be them someday. Question why. Better yet, actually talk to them.

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