The Natural Reset : The Great Outdoors

This past weekend for my 4th of July break I got to go up to Sasha County to do some camping with the family. We got to experience warm weather and a beautiful, warm lake. If you’ve never experienced camping and/or the outdoors in general, you are missing out. Seriously, get your ass out there, plan a trip right now and live a true life by going outside.

And a little side rant: For those who believe camping I like living like a homeless person. Get off your high horse. Camping brings out the true inner being of who you are. It dwindles yourself down to living amongst the nature that God has intended for each of us. Instead, we kept trying our best to keep ourselves in the most comfortable places possible.

As was well when I showed up to the camp site. My parents got there a little earlier so they had set everything up for my brother and I, making it easier for us to just hop into bed since we arrived a little past 12 AM. The sleep was wonderful, the air was fresh, and the stars shown brightly, something that I had missed so much from the true outdoors. The city lights were beautiful, but it is nothing compared to the amazing, natural light from the wondrous stars above me.

At day break, I got up and started conversation with my parents. I always enjoyed my morning conversation with them. Mind is fresh, thoughts are calm and collected. As I sat by the fire I started asking my parent about my future and where it could potentially head (*marriage). It was going so well until my dad busted out his phone to search for WIFI.


The campsite unfortunately had a very small connection to WiFi, which is great and all for emergencies, but for my younger brothers and my parents, it was a hinderance to our connect to one another as they were trying to connect to the outside world.

This isn’t intentional to say I am “better” than anyone else because I decided to move away from using WiFi during my vacation camping. This is rather an encouragement to let go of your devices from time to time and enjoy the moment in the presence of what was naturally given to us to experience and enjoy.

I can say that my overall experience without internet was enlightening. I felt at peace and could hear my own thoughts. I felt like my mind was at a meditative state on a consistent basis. I was present with my family and connected with them to the fullest. I felt free in knowing that I didn’t have to bust out my electronics to work on something.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in life or needed a way to “reset” your mind and soul, realize that coming back to nature, coming back to what was there before you has drastic benefits to your inner being. It sounds crazy and “woo woo”, but even from a scientific standpoint, grounding yourself in nature and breathing in the fresh air surrounded by trees and nature brings us back to how our ancestors live.

Ultimately, what I’ve come to realize through merely being out in the woods aside from it’s therapeutic nature, I that I don’t need “stuff” to make me happy. Once again, it all comes back to the people around me that create a life worth living.

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