Never Enough

Nothing was ever enough for Jerry.

He did all he could to fulfill the void he had in his heart. Even after success and fame, he often times he felt like something was missing from his life.

“Jerry, we want you in another movie, this one will be another one, another hit. How bout’ it Jerry?”

Jerry leaned back into his chair while staring at the piece of steak on his fork.

“These gold flakes make the steak a bit unappetizing don’t you think?” Jerry replied casually as if trying to change the conversation.

“Jerry, don’t waste my time here. You’re a fancy guy at a fancy restaurant. Gold is this restaurant, gold is this movie, gold is you!” Jerry’s agent was getting frustrated. He knew Jerry could just about do anything and didn’t want to pass up on his talents.

“I’m tired Larry. All this running around, acting, making money, women, fame, nice cars, houses, and for what? Seriously, I’ve given it all my entire life. Dedicated time and energy to this career only to realize that at the end of it, there’s a tombstone with my name written on it showing a stupid little quote with a stupid little timeline of my stupid little life. Larry, WHAT is the POINT here? If you can tell me Larry, the secret to the meaning of life, maybe, then maybe, I’ll work on your stupid little movie!”

Larry looked at him like he had just gone through the wringer with Jerry. Jerry turned his head back at his fork and took a bite out of the two-hundred dollar piece.

“I’m sorry Larry. I’m done with acting. And as I would expect, you’re also done with me. I’m moving on. I don’t know what, and I sure as hell don’t expect you to care. Goodbye Larry.” Jerry got up and threw a wad of cash on the table as he left.

“Jerry!” yelled out Larry.

It was too late. As Jerry left the building Larry took a moment to reflect on what was said to him. He too has worked so hard in life. He was always so good at managing clients but never once did he get the verbal beating that he just got from Jerry.

Larry sat back on his chair as he stared at his own steak, trying his best to ignore the stares he was getting from the other people around him.

“Hi waiter, check please. Thank you.”

Larry’s mind went into a deep contemplation that night about the events that had transpired.

“Do all clients feel this way at some point in their acting career? What if my other clients start feeling the same way? What if, what if I start feeling the same way? Or…do I feel the same way?”

His parents were always one to tell him all his life that he could whatever he puts his mind to, but they never once lectured him about life and its purpose and meaning.

Larry went up to his apartment that night and felt burdened. There was an internal struggle in him that he could not quite articulate.

“A famous actor who makes millions decides to give it all up because he doesn’t feel ‘fulfilled’ in his life.” He thought to himself. “And here I am, not even half as famous with far less money, trying to find my own ‘fulfillment’ through hard work and dedication to my clients.”

“But…I feel okay, for the most part.”

Larry went to sleep that night with these racing thoughts in his mind. Suddenly, after what seemed like a long night, he awoke with the answer to his own question.

Larry was fulfilled because he cared deeply about the success of his clients. His fulfillment came through helping his clients succeed. His success came through seeing his clients thrive through their own hard work and dedication.

Yet this was only the beginning of Larry’s journey.

His new model from here on out as an agent, help clients find fulfillment in their work. Not simply to make money.

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