The Best Day Of My Life

My best day could be my busiest day.

My best day could be the day I sweat the most.

Or a day where I yelled or remained silent.

It could be a day where I walked ten miles or stayed inside.

I could be singing a song, or dancing to a rhythm.

I might be driving for four hours across the state, or driving across town for a quick fast food meal.

Sometimes, I’m playing sports. Other times, I’m playing cards.

One time, I picked up trash. The other time, I made a lot of trash but threw it away of course.

My best day is when I read a book. Or perhaps I wrote something.

My best day. My best day is only my best day…

with others.

Introverts love to be on their own. They think that their best times are better well spent on there with their own devices.

I disagree wholeheartedly.

Recently I came to find out that one of my close family members has been diagnosed with cancer. As of late, we don’t know what stage the cancer is in.

Regardless, there is support and love being shown to her from, people.

With the reality that at the end of our lifetime, the most significant thing we look to is the people around us. It would, therefore, make sense that we would have the best time of our lives with others.

All those things above that I mentioned, all those activities I did, were only better with people.

Why would we keep doing things on my own? Why would deprive me of the joy, laughter, and comfort of others? Why would I deprive myself of the ability to grow through commitment, loyalty, and trust?

Yes, there are people who will pull others down. There are those who will hurt you, put you through more pain and suffering than you could ever imagine or ever ask for.

There are beautiful moments of being in isolation, I get it. But, to not show up each time to face the world and grow, is to go to your deathbed not trying to find the people in your life who were worth it.

Good people are worth more than gold, silver, and all the money in the world. Hold onto those who lift you up. Let go of those who push you down.

But always remember, no matter what, it was never about you.

It was about giving yourself to others so that you can give back to yourself.

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