Self-Development is for Weird People: 3 Ways to Help Fight Against the Grain

I’ve been made fun of and laughed at for joining a clubs and classes that help me develop confidence, communication, and leadership skills.

I get made fun of for the books I order online or get strange looks from others when I tell them:

“Oh, I love writing.”
“I read a lot!”
Or, “I listen to podcasts.”

– Me

Then all of a sudden to them, I become this strange self-help freak who thinks he has the secrets to life.

Funny how that is. Since when does trying to grow yourself become such a strange phenomenon? Wouldn’t people encourage this?

It’s because of this reason:

Trying to better yourself and go above and beyond your comfort zone to live a better life for yourself is a THREAT to others.

I always thought that most people would love to engage, learn, and grow in their life, but I guess that’s only reserved for particular [weird] people, given that seemingly, most of society seems to be okay with the status quo.

“If it works, don’t fix it,” 

– some saying


With the years that I’ve been made fun of for taking out time for myself to develop and grow, I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Here are three ways to help you “over-achievers” cope.

Accept That You’re Weird. Yes, You’re Weird

Acknowledging you’re different isn’t a bad thing.

If Einstien conformed to peoples’ expectations, then we wouldn’t have the technological luxuries we have today.

It takes someone weird to disrupt society, large enough to bring about change.

Martin Luther King Jr. was weird. He knew that it wasn’t “normal” to consider equality an inherit ideal. Dr. King fought against social norms and became a proponent of change that folks in his day never thought possible.

The man was weird.

Embrace the reality that not everyone is like you, you’re different, and that’s okay. If people can’t understand you, that’s not your problem, that’s there’s. Ultimately if you’re the one happy and it isn’t infringing on their lives, then keep doing what you do!

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

The “GRIT” mentality is the idea that you refuse to quit regardless of the various setbacks of life. For us “weirdos,” it’s on the basis from the opinions of others.

Haters, aka, the insecure people you may come across, will make fun of you and bring you down. It’s an, unfortunately, reality, but it’s the truth.

“The most insecure of people will be the ones most critical of what you do.”

– truth

Your “haters” could very well be those in your immediate family, friends, co-workers, girlfriend, boyfriend, and you don’t even know it.

They’ll talk behind your back as you know full well they think you’re some kind of idiot, impractical, and not putting your time and efforts into giving them attention.

In spite of all this, remind yourself of who you’d like to be ten years from now. What kind of person would you want to be for your future children and spouse?

Your ability to desire and take action to change will only benefit you and everyone around you.

“Self-help,” in the sense of reflection upon the self and your own life, isn’t a bad thing and should never be condemned. It ultimately brings you on the right track.

Greatness Isn’t Achieved Alone

You NEED others in this journey and know that you’re not alone in it. It’s not impossible to find people just like you.

When I joined clubs and went to conferences, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my endeavors to improve myself. It was a breath of fresh air to know that there are others who are doing it with me and I wasn’t the only weird one.

So if you’re feeling alone in your journey to achieve greatness, remember that there are weird people out there just like you and me who embraced their weirdness, won’t give up, and are willing to go at it along with you.

Find that greatness in spite of the odds.

– from me, to you.

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