Making Mistakes

“A person who never made a mistake never tired anything new.”

– Albert Einstein

For you, tell me the best mistake you’ve ever made and all the positive things you learned from that mistake.

Just don’t tell me it’s your pregnancy. 

It would be difficult to pinpoint the best mistake I’ve made throughout my life. It’s funny how we can say, “best” mistake. In what universe can we even use “best” and “mistake” in the same sentences?

mistakeHey, if Albert Einstein didn’t make mistakes, I wouldn’t be writing this poorly written blog post.

I honestly cannot pinpoint a single, one and only mistake in my life that I would consider the “best”. There are mistakes that I’ve made in different categories of my life ranging from my time, relationships, and career. Each one of them has it’s own “best”.

Let’s see – what’s the most important thing in my life that has affected me directly to this day? Hmm, ah…relationships. mistakes

The biggest mistake I made regarding relationships was taking them for granted. During the time I needed people the most, I hated people with passion. If people were the cure for cancer and I had three days to live, I would have asked the doctor for assisted suicide.

Ultimately, mistakes leave us either broken or prosperous depending on what we’ve personally decided to do.

So wha do ya do?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What I did personally was to learn the root of why I hated people. I did this because I knew that keeping my hatred towards people would ultimately make me feel the wayI did for the rest of my life if I didn’t do anything about it.

What was it about people that I didn’t like?

It was simple for me when I figured it out. I judownloadst didn’t enjoy being uncomfortable around others because of my own awkwardness and shyness. It had nothing to do with others, it was everything to do with who I was as a person.

Therefore, I went on this journey to improve who I was around others in my communication and overall mental presence.

What I learned –>

People should be regarded with much more value than I give them. It isn’t the problem of the people, it’s the problem of the person (me). 



2 thoughts on “Making Mistakes

  1. i don’t remember the best mistake but i want to talk about a mistake , i used to make that ,is not trying . not trying to make things batter ….and finally i learn means realize it and now at lest i try ,i try that things work out …


    1. I totally agree. The biggest mistake anyone could ever do is never try. There’s a saying that, the fear of never trying outweighs the fear of actually doing it. Thanks for the comment baakhdahar! =)

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