WHY I started a Podcast: Missed Opportunities, Fighting Anxieties/Shyness

“Ladies and gentlemen, Flight 329A will be boarding in ten minutes, I repeat, Flight 329A will be boarding in ten minutes. Please take this time to check your belongings and prepare for boarding, thank you.”

cellphoneTen minutes left and still no sign of her boyfriend. “What’s taking him so long?” She thought to herself. With good reason to be worried, she frantically began dialing hiscell phone number, fingers trembling with each hit of a digit.

“Um, hello? Are you okay? We’re going to be leaving in ten minutes!”

“Yeah, yeah, just…hold on.”

(Five minutes later).

“Ladies and gentlemen, Flight 329A will be boarding in five minutes…”

This was a mistake, she thought to herself. A huge mistake. Why did I ask him to come?

“Ladies and gentlemen, Flight 329A will now begin boarding group A…”

Again, she calls him. “Why are you doing this? You’ll be fine! Just come out of the restroom!”

“Ugh, jus-just leave without me! It’s fine, just go. Maybe another time, just not this time, okay?”

(Fifteen minutes later).

“Last call for boarding. I repeat, this is the last call for boarding.”

airplaneAfter a stressful fifteen minutes of stress, anxiety, and sheer panic, and with only a few minutes left, she finally decided, this was the last straw. She knew what she had to do.

“Hi, I have to cancel the flight for my party of two. We’ve run into a personal emergency.”

Now, you may be wondering, wow, this guy hates flying that much. No, it wasn’t the flying, if only that were it.

It was much worse.

The man in the restroom was about to take a flight and meet his girlfriend’s parents. However, instead of allowing himself to face them, he let his anxieties and fears take over and control him to the point of missing his plane.

– Excerpt from my e-book coming soon Mid-November

What you just read above is a true story of the reality of our lives. We allow opportunities to past away from us because we are afraid of the unknown, we’re afraid of rejection, we are afraid that the world will somehow come crashing down on us because we haven’t yet learned to face the discomfort enough to grow from it.

In my podcast, I discussed the reality of owning your shyness and social anxieties inHiking from Männlichen  to Kleine Scheidegg pass, Switzerland, the Alps, Europe.order to conquer that seemingly difficult mountain. Any mountain is difficult to conquer if you don’t start now. Some are larger than others, but ultimately you are the biggest obstacle if you don’t end up trying.

In this podcast, we discuss the first step into fighting that internal battle within and how to overcome it, using the right mindset and habits of success. This is why I began my podcast. It was to help people like this man learn to cope with the reality of his fears and grow from them because I too, was in the same position he was.

Take that leap and start fighting for a better life for yourself and regain that confidence that you know you’ve always had!

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