“The Mask of Masculinity” – Lewis Howes

I’ve been enlightened.

Lewis Howes has rocked my world in introducing such an amazing book on the topic of what it means to be a man in a world where men are seen in a certain light, regarded in certain ways dependant on their culture or upbringing.

There are only a few books that I’ve read so far that have shaken me up after each read. One was, “The Art of Not Giving a F&*$” and the other, “The Magic of Thinking Big“. These books allowed me to gain different perspectives and insights that have shaped me much more as an individual.

This particular book, “The Mask of Masculinity” has given me the entire rundown on all the vulnerabilities of what is really going on in my heart and mind as a man in a society full of cultural expectations and societal pressures.

Lewis breaks it down into the variety of masks that we as men wear in our lives. The chapters that are discussed are as follows:

  • The Stoic Mask
  • The Athlete Mask
  • The Material Mask
  • The Sexual Mask
  • The Aggressive Mask
  • The Joker Mask
  • The Invincible Mask
  • The Know-It-All Mask
  • The Alpha Mask

Of course, no man has exclusively one mask that defines him. Each man has had or has a mixture of these masks with perhaps one or two being the dominant mask of their lives.

Because of the impact this book has had on me, I am beginning a series of reflections on my blog from the chapters that have hit me the most and my courage to step up and change these specific characteristics about myself. The ones that really hit me were:

  • The Stoic Mask
  • The Material Mask
  • The Sexual Mask
  • The Aggressive Mask
  • The Joke Mask
  • and The Know-It-All Mask

If you haven’t already, get the book on Amazon @ Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes

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