Healing in Creating

Building yourself up is key to continuous growth and soulful prosperity.

Did that sound good? Took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to start this blog post.

All I really want to say is that there’s something special about creating. This could involve things like writing, drawing, photography, videography, dance, building a tree house, building a house of trees (if you know what I mean), etc. Anything that allows you to get your creative juices flowing.

I think this is part of the reason why people get depressed.


If you’re not building yourself up somehow, what’s the opposite? Building down, aka, slowly dying inside without realizing it.

In college, I was constantly learning things and obtaining knowledge. I never pushed myself out of my comfort zone often enough to grow as a person through creating. I was distracted by media when I wanted a break from school, and I would make the excuse that I didn’t have time because of my studies, job, and club duties.

But as with any realization that I tend to have – I came to find out that the only times that I felt alive was when I left my comfort zone and CREATED something in my life, anything really. For instance, creating and producing videos was an utter JOY when I had the opportunity to make them.

I had done acting, dancing, filming, editing, etc. I even got to the point where I wanted to make flamboyant musicals and do cheesy plays because the flow of creativity was just running through my soul as I was forgetting the reality that I was a low-key drug dealer/user and just a year prior to college.

And to this day I still realize my need for constantly creating something from the small to the larger things, the journey is what makes it enjoyable. If I don’t allow myself the outlet of creating something in my life, I start to begin to slip into a deep, dark depression that takes hold of me without fully realizing it until it’s too late.

This is part of the reason why I don’t play video games.

Not to bag on video games, but after playing them I kind of go a bit crazy inside. I feel unproductive and felt as if I wasted a lot of my time after a one to two-hour session. I feel the same with movies and YouTube binging, expect, I honestly feel I do too much of it myself, expecially YouTube.

It’s a habit difficult to work on, but being worked on nonetheless in my life.

Creating brings out the best in people, and I think we were always meant to give our fair share of it.

The entire world needs to take part in creating.

We are all inventors and innovators of something significant in our lives ranging from the happiness and joy we bring people through our storytelling or comedy, creating new ways to make things more efficient, creating a building for companies to use, cooking up a new recipe, rearranging a room for a more welcoming place for others to experience, all of this is part of the creative minds we were meant to have in this life.

Putting your mind to active use in all of this allows our minds to blossom and help us cope with life just that much more for ourselves.

If you’re ever feeling down and out, start something new for yourself. Challenge yourself and make things in your life. To experience life to its fullest you have to create it for yourself, in your own unique way.

Go out and create!

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