The REAL [Better] New Years Resolution

It’s 2018, a new year. Great…so what? Resolutions?

To be honest I’ve never cared much about making resolutions. I really didn’t know what the fuss was all about trying to set goals for oneself when you could have began right away what you always wanted to do whether it be to lose weight, get a new job, wake up earlier, or whatever your heart and soul has convinced you that you need to change.


Although, I think what people tend to miss is the idea of WHY they are setting goals rather than merely trying to set them. Sure in the back of their mind they might know and understand their WHY, but I think it’s just as important to clearly define it, outline it, and set it in stone BEFORE even trying to set a goal for yourself. So rather than say, WHAT, say WHY.

  • WHY do you want to wake up earlier in the morning?
  • WHY do you want to lose weight?
  • WHY do you want to find a new job?
  • WHY do you want to commit to reading 10 books a day?
  • WHY do you want to change your bad habit of playing video games during work meetings (Personal experience – don’t try that at work folks).

I think overall however, the idea of setting goals and commitments are a great place to begin. Find what’s good about what you want to do and commit to it. Yet once again, define your WHY and you’ll have even more motivation to succeed.

And of course don’t just stick to a generic answer.

  • I want to quit my job because I don’t like where I am.
  • I want to lose weight because it’s healthy and it’ll make me smarter.
  • I want to stop playing video games because I could be doing something else much more productive.

These reasons are much to broad and generic.

Your first and foremost goal is to throughly define WHY you want to accomplish what you feel compelled to accomplish, give it a date, define your steps even to the tiniest of steps, and work your way towards that light at the end of the tunnel.

“Jerry you see it? The light…at the end of the tunnel”

“Larry, we’ve been outside for 5 minutes, open your freaking eyes.”

Here are some good examples of a good, WHY for your new year commitments:

  1. “I want to lose weight because it will dramatically affect my overall mood in my day so that I could be a better husband, wife, friend, foe, father, mother, cow, etc. Losing weight will help me gain energy at work so that I may work harder and have a better chance at getting that freaking promotion. I will also feel much more confident in myself which would allow me to stop feeling so insecure of who I am. Blessed.”
  2. “This year I want to learn to cook as many dishes as I can. This way I can invite people over so I can finally make real friends! I can impress them with my ability to create amazing dishes that I could have made a long time ago but didn’t because I was too busy sleeping the entire day. I can also learn to make dishes for various potlucks I go to because you know…I go to those in spite of not having many friends. Maybe I can even sneak into a random potluck and put my dish in the mix. Then, once people are super impressed, I’ll raise my hand and say ‘that’s mine!’ they’ll accept me with open arms into their community of whatever it is I snuck into. #networking.”


Step two?

Plan it out week by week, day by day the individual steps it will take to accomplish these interesting yet not so impossible tasks that you have allowed yourself to embark on you little freak you.

Here it is:

Day 1 – Write it all down because you NEED to set it in stone, well, in this case, set it on wood which makes paper. Or you can literally write it on a stone if you’re are extra like that.

Day 2 – Accomplish the tasks you set on wood (paper). Good – keep going fool. What’s stopping you?

Day 3 – Okay, I don’t really feel like trying to do all of this for you so you define it yourself. If anything you can message me directly and I can help you set your goals with you.

If anything, BE REALISTIC about how you’re going to accomplish all of these goals. What is it going to take for you to get shit done this year and be where you want to be?

Cast that vision, set the goals, and move forward each day reminding yourself of the WHY. Why am I losing weight? Because you’re a fat ass (donkey). =D


Lastly, define a theme for the year that you would like to work on. What is it about yourself that you really want to take away from this year that revolves around your own personal character or goal?

Your theme will help guide you in your overall goals this year. For instance my last theme for 2017 was “COURAGE”. I wanted to hit the ground running in implementing everything that I had in my mind without fear holding me back from it.

From that point on, I did everything that I set my mind out to do – didn’t always succeed, but nonetheless I made it through and it was quite an amazing experience to take the high road and finally get myself to do things I’ve never thought I would have managed to do.

I’m not going to share my goals for the year, but I will share my theme.

It’s “10x”.

Yeah that’s it. You can define that on your own ways – I know what it means to me and what I need to do.

Hey you reading this –> THIS YEAR IS YOUR YEAR!

Like every year though…

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