How to Be a Single Male in Your Twenties

PRE-WARNING: This post was initially geared towards single men in their twenties, hence the title – however, some things have been added to accommodate the ladies as well.

Based off the YouTube video “How To Be a Single Male in Your Twentiesby InsideOut Illustrations

I’m going to tell you right off from the start, this is

NOT easy to do.

Every single girl you come across right after high school probably gets you wondering “I wonder if it work out between her and I?”

*fantasy of being together and marriage ensues*

Don’t think I don’t know! Trust me, I’ve lived that kind of life for over 6 years, you don’t know thirst like I do. I’ve also had friends who are just thirsty and all we talk about every day was how “thirsty” we were.

(And for those who don’t know what THIRSTY means, it’s slang for – a desire for a relationship.)

But understand this – your singlehood is precious, and I mean, diamond precious. It’s an absolute blessing and gift in so many ways than you may not quite realize.

And no, I’m not talking about being one of those player dudes messing around with girls. That’s not it at all, in fact, that’s entirely opposite of what you should be doing in your twenties and we could go on and on about that – definitely something else for later.

Here are 5 Specific Reasons Why Male Singlehood, is Basically Awesome

1) Time For Self-development and Learning

How much time would you really have if you had a girlfriend?

Not as much time as you do when you’re single I bet to do other things like focus on your own growth and self-development.

I wouldn’t think of yourself in this way, but I’m going to say it anyway just to analogy

sake. You’re entire life is like a project, and you’re constantly trying to build it and make improvements along the way to ensure that it’s optimal in every area of life weather it be in your career, relationships, finances, whatever the case may be.

It should be your obligation to the people around you to contribute this way to society because if you’re not bettering yourself, you’re just a slave to society, wavering here and there in the direction of the wind.

2) Money to Save

You’ll probably be saving money as a single person, at least, more money than you would if you had a girlfriend/boyfriend…unless you’re constantly spending money on stupid things of course (I use the term loosely, you know what a “stupid” investment is for you).

But I think we can agree that the cost of having a girlfriend/boyfriend (I know I”m thinking in terms of finances here) are high in your finances. If you’re a gentleman, you’ll pay for the meal, buy her gifts, go on trips with her, take vacations, etc. If you’re a women, you may help pay or do other things together that require spending money for the both of you.

Being single, you can use that to money to spend in your own way – towards things you enjoy other than video

games and Netflix (no offense, but I’m gearing this

towards self-development, nothing personally against video games). I’m talking about fun hobbies or perhaps you can save it into investments.

For me personally, I like buying books and online courses, and blogging, and video stuff, and…I need a girlfriend.

3) Learning Self-Discipline on Your Own, in Your Own Time.

Given that you know it’s important to grow as a person, your self-discipline only helps you in your life – it can never hurt you whatsoever.

Instead of someone having to nag you over forgetting to take out the trash every week, why not nag yourself, wouldn’t that be much better? Or how about rather than having someone complain about how messy you can be, why not put into motion the habits of cleaning on your own terms.

In this way, you come to a point where you have OWNED your own disciplines and habits rather than doing it because someone else has nagged you about it constantly.

4) Living Life on Your Own Terms

You call the shots in how you delegate your life No one is there to tell you what to do. Yet with this freedom comes responsibility. Are you going to allow it to teach you, or are you going to be a selfless person and practice selfless acts?

You can choose what to do. You can travel with friends, visit your siblings in another city, go do things without permission or without having someone else to worry about.

There are pros and cons to not having to be obligated to someone and their emotions, it doesn’t grow you as fast but it does indeed give you the opportunity to at least figure out what you want for yourself before you dive into something you regret.

You’re basically entitled to you and only you but with that you’ll need to take ACTION and OWN your singlehood.

5) Expanding your network of friends

Use this time to network with people, grow your circle of influence – find like minded people to power your dreams and aspirations.

Follow up with business partners more often, go on retreats with close friends, make dinner plans with a colleague – do it all now before you get caught up with having to do all of this with a girlfriend/wife (or boyfriend/husband for the ladies out there).


There are so many pros and cons we can get into, I’ve only touched on what are considered to be the good things of singlehood, but there are so many great things about having someone else in your life as well.

I’m only talking about this because I have had so much experience with this being single for so many years with other friends who weren’t dating at the time either.

Mind you however, this isn’t for those who don’t want a girlfriend because they want to be players or play video games all day.

Your twenties are extremely precious and set the trajectory for the rest of your life. Makethe most of it by growing in your mindset and character as I’ve said time and time again in my videos, blogs, and every other book I read.

It’s selfish to just use this time for your own pure fun and excitement. Take advantage of the opportunity to become someone who you know will thank you in the future because of the habits and disciplines you’ve set into motion NOW.

Become a person of discipline, good work ethic, amazing character, interest, value, heart, morals, etc. Work to become the type of man that your future girlfriend or wife will want from a man and you’ll be so thankful that you didn’t end up wasting your time on those video games.

And for the ladies, work to become a hard working, smart, competent woman who a man is proud to have in his life.


Insane Introvert here, out.

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