Emotional Intelligence 2.0

I think if there was ONE thing that people should always continue to work on, it’s one’s EQ or, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Emotional Intelligence is what gets the job, maintains the job, and even moves you up in the job.

My company recently let go of one, very smart cookie in our field. He worked on systems that none of us had familiarity with and had a very impressive background. HOWEVER, this intelligent fellow could NOT for the life of him follow directions that would have made everyones’ lives easier. He just couldn’t allow himself to listen, learn, and get the job done accordingly.

Business partners were furious of him and could not work with him whatsoever. Once his time was up as a contractor for the company, he was immediately let go with no goodbyes, no farewells. It was a little sad to say the least, but in leaving with a bad record with the people around him, it would have been awkward to say the least.

Moral of the story is, I read this book a while ago and realized once again how important it is for people to narrow in on their EQ and allow it to grow. According to this book, your IQ will remain (makes sense), but your people skills, your “EQ – Emotional Intelligence” to be exact can grow and prosper.

Grow that EQ!

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