I’m 5’3.

My hair is receding.

And I’m an Asian minority, minority (Southeast Asian – not Korean, not Chinese, none of the above more “popular” kinds of Asians you see on television. What the heck is a Lao anyway? See Tropic Thunder for more information).

But…I can dance like Michael Jackson on steroids. That doesn’t make sense.

I know what you’re thinking – dude, wtf. STOP. Stop defining yourself with these terms. STOP it. All I say to that is, “easy for you to say”. You’re probably an average height American with good hair and social skills.

But we all have insecurities, these are just a few significant ones in my life so you can’t call me out completely (shouts out to those with these same insecurities though). It’s difficult, it’s discouraging, and it’s very disheartening when you’re at the club with a bunch of tall white dudes and me being one of the few Asian kids dancing around like a midget Peacock. I swear if I was in L.A. I would get my butt handed to me in the manly beauty department.

My roommate became my voice of reason in this area. Telling me something that I tell others time and time again. DON’T let your physical qualities define WHO YOU ARE. Once again, easier for you to say, easier said than done.

Theory is much easier than practice. *drop mic*

– Me

Being a shorter man, yes, you’ll have to work much harder, be much more confident, and have absolutely no regards to the elephant in the room called your height and lack of facial hair (if you don’t have much of that).

It’s like running along side a taller man. Each step he takes is two or more extra steps you need to take to keep up with him.

At the end of the day, us short guys could say this. WHY would you want to be with a girl who doesn’t accept you for who you are in the first place? WE shorter guys get the more AUTHENTIC girls because they aren’t looking for the typical things that make men more attractive. There had to have been something about YOU that the girl liked because of YOU and NOT your height, ethnicity, or receding hairline.

Don’t worry about it guys. Don’t allow the sad world of superficial beauty bog us down. We’re beautiful as human beings. Think about others first and someday the opportunity will come and you won’t regret it.

The Insane Introvert, out!



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